French in primary schools

For my undergraduate dissertation I carried out questionnaires and I conducted semi-structured interviews in a large primary school.  I wanted to find out how much primary school teachers knew about Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and whether or not these recent findings influenced how French was taught in primary schools.  The impetus for the study was the recent move to make compulsory the studying of a foreign language in primary schools.  Read the full PDF here: French in primary schools

An analysis of three Ian McEwan novels

In literary theory, there is a distinction between modernism and postmodernism.  Both terms are associated with specific literary features.  For example, a modern text tends to focus on the experience of an individual as part of society, whereas a postmodern text tends to remove any explicit reference to society.  It is difficult to identify when modernism stops and when postmodernism begins, since the two terms belong on either end of a continuum.  Continue reading

Modernism and Postmodernism

Literary Theory is the study of literature.  Literary theorists group works of literature into categories and assigns a label to each category.  This label does not describe the plot (e.g. drama or sci-fi).  Rather, it describes the style in which it is written (e.g. pastoral or realist).  Literary theorists can thus describe and compare novels in a principled manner.  For example, they decide which labels to assign to which novels and to what extent the label is befitting of that novel.  Continue reading