English names

Your students may not have English names.  This could be because they are new students (in the case of a private school) or because they are non-English majors (in the case of a university).  Either way, you may have to assign English names to your students.  English names are very important for (at least) two reasons.  First, you can take roll-call effectively and your students can explain their classmates’ absence.  Second, you can treat your students as individuals.

You may find it difficult to think of appropriate names, especially if you have a large class.  I usually ask my new students to choose a letter and I then suggest a name that begins with that letter.  That way, I avoid a situation where two or more students have the same (or similar-sounding) English names.  I have prepared a list of possible English names for you to use.  Read the full PDF here: Names


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